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A New World is Coming

NEW World Coming!

Throughout history men have always wondered what the future holds. Actually, deep within your spirit mind, you can get in touch with where this universe is going as time winds down. Think deep, meditate.  The answer lies within.

The world will be cleansed.  All negativity is only a temporary state of being. We are headed toward a time when it will be as it was before. No more hatred, no more war, no suffering nor poverty. When this is is now uncertain, but it will come, one day.

Mental Attitude

Mental Attitude is the result of the current of one’s thoughts, ideas, ideals, feelings, and beliefs. You are constantly at work building up a Mental Attitude, which is not only making your character but which is also having its influence upon the outside world, both in the direction of your effect upon other people, as well as your quality of attracting toward yourself that which is in harmony with the prevailing mental state held by you. Is it not most important, then, that this building should be done with the best possible materials—according to the best plan—with the best tools?