One thing successful people have in common is the ability to focus on a goal and firmly believe that it will surely come to pass and manifest. They are so convinced that it is almost as if the event has already happened. In other words, they not only have a vision, but rather, an intense passionate vision.  And not only can they visualize the outcome in their mind, but they also add focused passion and strong emotion to these visions.

Growth Focusing
Growth Focusing

This passion gives life and spirit to the body of that mental image.  Strong and concentrated thoughts that are focused upon and magnified have a power all their own. No one really can be sure exactly how much potential power they really do have. Most people do not really believe that they can change things simply by controlling their own mind’s power. This is a skill and quality anyone can develop with concentrated effort.

Do No Evil *** Do All Good ***

*** Do No Evil***

This is Google’s motto… Definitely Good Advice

Even better advice…

*** Do All Good ***

Focus on doing good in your own life. Sure lots of others do many wrong things, but don’t focus on it. I know it can be hard and easier said than done, but try. Think about beauty, joy, peace, love, success, wealth and abundance.  It takes mind control to focus on the good during difficult times, but rejoice at those times because with them the “muscles” of inner strength have an opportunity to grow and develop. Rejoice in all things. This is an ideal and few can achieve this super human feat.

Small Accomplishments build Self Esteem

Developing and strengthening a belief in your own abilities is important. Determine to tackle little tasks on a daily basis. Each successful action adds to your confidence, no matter how small. Think of easy things you can do. Small succeses lead you to believe in yourself.  For example, if you are over weight and desire to get into shape, don’t go from sitting in front of the TV all day to trying to jog five miles. Rather, attempt to walk a block the first week then walk two blocks the next.

The point is to make your goal within sure reach and actually accomplish it. This success will feed your inner resolve to accomplish greater tasks.  Self esteem is essential because you must first believe that you are capable of controlling your mind to produce your behavior. You can do it!

Learn to watch your thoughts

Before you can learn to control your mind and make it your servant you must first be aware of it. That might sound strange, but it takes concentrated effort to actually bring your thoughts into conscious awareness. Realize that thoughts are real things and that they determine the direction you will take in your life.

Everything you see began with a thought. Look in front of you, what do you see? Perhaps a computer ? It was first an idea in a mind which was acted upon and then manifested as a physical reality. Everything was once a thought before it entered the physical world. Buildings, cars, roads, rugs, showers, clothes… EVERYTHING BEGAN AS A THOUGHT.

This is why it is so important to know your thoughts first then you can control your thoughts. Tame your mind, it will obey you. Reject and resist the negative thoughts.  Your thoughts today are creating your reality tommorrow.  Determine to accept only the positive. Developing the power of your mind by learning to control your thoughts can produce limitless benefits. The goal is for positive manifestations to occur in the spiritual, emotional and physical producing joy in your life and the lives of others.

The Path to Success – Mind Power

Mind power is desirable because it will help you achieve goals which bring fullfillment and satisfaction to your life.  Mind power, will power, self discipline and self control are very related  All of these qualities are attitudes which can be developed with consistent time and effort.  Whatever your desires or goals may be:  to lose weight, gain wealth,  cultivate friendships, success comes with mental determination and planning. The rewards are great and give joy to ones life. Most important, start with small goals which are easy to accomplish. It is important that you begin to feel good about yourself and see yourself succeeding. Do not compare yourself to others, you do not know their circumstances entirely.

So how does one develop mind power. The first step is to want to have control and to believe that you can control your mind and your life circumstances.  So desire and faith are at the root and are the foundation. Once you have this faith you must develop a plan. Finally, you must act and carry out your plan. Sometimes you might need to repeat this step, while holding firm to the faith that there is a plan that will work for you and you will find it. If you fail, look at it as a learning experience and whatever you do don’t let it get you down. Positivity is all important. You must begin to feel good about yourself.

Inner Self Talk

Never underestimate the power of your own mind to affect the outer reality of your own life and even the events in the world. Learn to resist the temptation to focus on a negative situation you might be going through and project negativity for the future.

Think of how you would like for things to be. Imagine living in the reality of those images. Beleive that it is possible. Don’t worry about how it going to come about. Find something beautiful to think about and be thankful for it’s existence.  Thank God that you are still alive and have hope that wonderful things are in your future. The best is yet to come.

A New World is Coming

NEW World Coming!

Throughout history men have always wondered what the future holds. Actually, deep within your spirit mind, you can get in touch with where this universe is going as time winds down. Think deep, meditate.  The answer lies within.

The world will be cleansed.  All negativity is only a temporary state of being. We are headed toward a time when it will be as it was before. No more hatred, no more war, no suffering nor poverty. When this is is now uncertain, but it will come, one day.

Mental Attitude

Mental Attitude is the result of the current of one’s thoughts, ideas, ideals, feelings, and beliefs. You are constantly at work building up a Mental Attitude, which is not only making your character but which is also having its influence upon the outside world, both in the direction of your effect upon other people, as well as your quality of attracting toward yourself that which is in harmony with the prevailing mental state held by you. Is it not most important, then, that this building should be done with the best possible materials—according to the best plan—with the best tools?

Learn to Manifest by focusing on what you want. Rid your mind of negativity and become passionate.

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