Learn to watch your thoughts

Before you can learn to control your mind and make it your servant you must first be aware of it. That might sound strange, but it takes concentrated effort to actually bring your thoughts into conscious awareness. Realize that thoughts are real things and that they determine the direction you will take in your life.

Everything you see began with a thought. Look in front of you, what do you see? Perhaps a computer ? It was first an idea in a mind which was acted upon and then manifested as a physical reality. Everything was once a thought before it entered the physical world. Buildings, cars, roads, rugs, showers, clothes… EVERYTHING BEGAN AS A THOUGHT.

This is why it is so important to know your thoughts first then you can control your thoughts. Tame your mind, it will obey you. Reject and resist the negative thoughts.  Your thoughts today are creating your reality tommorrow.  Determine to accept only the positive. Developing the power of your mind by learning to control your thoughts can produce limitless benefits. The goal is for positive manifestations to occur in the spiritual, emotional and physical producing joy in your life and the lives of others.

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