Healing of Mental Blocks

Mental blocks happen sometimes when for various reasons we are unwilling or unable to continue in certain streams of consciousness. Sometimes these blocks are produced as an avoidance of painful feelings or fear associated with particular thoughts. Healing of these mental blocks is important. The solution is usually to bring the feelings into the light of your consciousness and then allow acceptance and forgiveness to melt them away.

Some people need to be helped with this procedure by friends, counselors or even therapists. Actually looking OBJECTIVELY at the situation of your mental condition in relation to a particular thought is all that is needed. Mental blocks are usually just dark clouds that need light of consciousness to shine on them, this often causes them to fade away. Mental blocks should be worked upon and healed as they inhibit growth and harm relationships. They can blur out thinking and cause us to act out of fear, anger and negative emotions. They are not good. Love casts out fear. Love yourself and others as yourself.

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