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Seek Positive Cycles for Power

Everything in life is a cycle. Things have a basic structure which tend to repeat itself or “reproduce”. The day itself is characterized by the repetition of the sun rising and setting, day after day, the cycle continues. Observe closely and you will see this pattern of patterns is everywhere and in everything, animate and inanimate. It is one of the most fundamental principles of life. And once a cycle is started, it generally continues unless acted upon by an outside force.

What has cycles to do with the mind?  Well, the mind is no exception and operates in repetitive cycles in the very same manner.  Once a thought cycle started, it is reinforced with each repetition and becomes more difficult to change. These thoughts can either benefit you or harm you. For example, the drug addict, alcoholic, pessimist or criminal have all allowed negative thought cycles to grow thus harming their lives. JUST SAY “NO” TO NEGATIVE THOUGHTS! But, negative thoughts can be more addictive than any drug. Breaking these cycles can be hard, but it is always worth the effort. Your well being depends on it.

So just how does one break a negative mental cycle? First, you must become aware and recognize you are having a negative thought. Negative thoughts can be recognized by how you are feeling. They drain your energy and lower you feelings of love and joy and they breed hopelessness. Look at your thoughts objectively. As soon as you can label it as negative and declare this is not what you want to think then you have won the battle. Visualize it being burned up and  replaced by thoughts of thankfulness, even if for just life itself. Have hope and faith that things will be getting better soon. And they will, because you have chosen a better path. To rejoice and be thankful, regardless of circumstances, gives you great power and will turn everything your way.

Empower Yourself with Positive Thoughts

Your thoughts can either empower you or drain your strength. If you think defeating thoughts such as “I will never be able to do this” or “My problems are more than I can handle”, it will rob you of the strength you need to be victorious. Determine you will bloom where you are planted regardless of the present circumstances. Remind yourself that you grow more during the difficult times than the pleasant times. Sure it is uncomfortable, sometimes even miserable, but take heart that all seasons change and how you endure hardship will shape your character and equip you for greater challenges in the future.  Be a warrior and decide to fight adversity with the confidence you will succeed.

So the message is, once again, focus on empowering thoughts because they really do carry the energy you need to not only endure but to be victorious. When a depressing thought pasts your mind, resist it and it will leave. It is much like a dieter who says no to the thought of wrong eating patterns or the alcoholic who says no to the drink

Just Say “NO” to negative self defeating thought. Resist it, and replace it with a positive  thought.  Your angels will thank you for it!